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KAWIAI NATION is looking for eager talents to join our growing team. Get a chance to work with & learn from a fast growing fashion brand. This is a 4 week, part time, unpaid, remote internship opportunity. Depending upon your skillset and experience, this freelance opportunity could eventually become a paid part or full-time remote position at the end of your 4 week internship.  

Social Media Intern (2 Positions Available)

Work with our social media team to curate & push out fun & exciting content!

Blog/Copywriting Intern (2 Positions Available)

Put your blogger skills to use and work with our blog/copywriting team to write about things you are passionate about - Fashion & K-Pop! 



  • Working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing or a related field; recent grads who are within 1 year of graduation are also eligible to apply
  • Ability to work 2-4 hours each day Monday to Fridays
  • For Blog/Copywriting Intern: Previous writing, publication, or editorial experience with a proven track record of independent research and content development
  • For Social Media Intern: Previous design experience, understanding of latest social media trends and best practices, proficiency in social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Punctuality, professionalism, and excellent time management skills
  • Ability to apply creative content solutions in a deadline-driven environment.
  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • A reliable internet connection and computer
  • Positive and energetic attitude
  • A passion for Fashion & the Asian pop culture

To apply:

Please send a resume, 1-2 writing samples (Blog/Copywriting Intern) or 1-2 design samples (Social Media Intern) & a cover email explaining why your personality, professional strengths, and prior experience make you a good potential match for our firm.

To stand out from other applicants, we encourage you to write a blog post especially for us! Be creative with the topic (e.g. Get The Look: BLACKPINK LISA EDITION) See example here:

For Social Media Interns, try being creative making a post using items from our catalog. See example here:


Email to with subject: [Your Name] - [Social Media Intern]/[Copywriting Intern]


Our process:

We respond to qualified applicants with an e-mail pre-screen. Strong candidates will proceed to a phone/video interview.