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Affiliate Program

Are you interested in collaborating with us & spread the love of Kawaii Nation? 
We love collaborating with like minded people who share our vision of spreading cuteness and K-Pop. We created an affiliate program where you can share something with your friends and get a little something for yourself too!
Becoming an affiliate with Kawaii Nation means you can earn FREE clothing by just sharing our site. Our affiliate partners will all be given their own UNIQUE discount code that gives their friends 15% off on all orders. When someone orders with your code, you will earn 20% of their order amount in the form of a gift card. To jump start our new program we’re also giving each person a signing bonus of $15 in their account! Gift cards will automatically be sent to you once you have reached a minimum of $50 in your account.
Fill out the form & join our affiliate team by clicking the photo below or here:
In the box that is asking for "Desired Coupon code" please put what you'd like your UNIQUE discount code to share with your friends and followers to be.
Applications are subject to approval. You should receive an email within 2 weeks of your application if you are accepted. Since spots for affiliates are limited, your affiliate statues will be automatically terminated by our system if your unique code is not used for 60 consecutive days.