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The Most Hilarious Shirts Worn by Idols!

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While sexy, confident, cool and extremely talented, many idols also have a great sense of humour which often appears in their clothing, so here is a list of the many different times idols humoured us with their clothes!

Comment below on who you think wore it better and we'll choose a winner to receive the item from their fave look on June 14th, 2018!


Stranger Shirts

This "Dustin" T-shirt is perfect for any Stranger Things and Suga fans! Suga is obviously quite a fan of the show, and this t-shirt with Gaten Matarazzo's face is just perfection that gave us quite a giggle!

Waffle Galore!

This shirt worn by Joohneon can give anyone a good laugh when looking at Eleven's face and all the Eggo's she's carrying! The black top goes with practically everything, and is perfect for anyone wanting an interesting wardrobe piece that is still quite simple!

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride!

Fans are often seen sporting tops with memes of their favorite idols, but what is totally unexpected is to see an idol wearing one of themselves! When Jungkook was seen wearing this "Hawaiian Jungkook" top everybody absolutely loved it! It's simple yet leaves a big impact!


What's to Hate?

Jungkook makes it on this list once more with this hilarious "Haters" block text Sweater that left us all shook by its truth! Not only did Jungkook wear this top, but Suga was spotted with it on as well, an obvious favorite of the group!

Priority Shipping

While the "DHL" top may seem simple at first, but once you see the front you laugh at its reference to the postage service DHL! Both Dara and G-Dragon were seen wearing this statement top!


Idols always like to share their style with their fans, and obviously like to always add a little humour! Dont forget to tag us on Instagram at @my_KawaiiNation with all your new looks!

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  • The DHL one is the one which got my attention the most. It is really cute

    Jean on
  • Well, I pick the Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride worn by our extra maknae xd Watching our meme kings is really like a looong Rollercoaster ride. Anyways, that T-Shirt is super funny :"D

    kim on
  • The grubby jungkook meme worn by the meme himself Jungkook of course!

    Faye on
  • i like the jungkook one and i would like to get it for my friend’s birthday because she loves jungkook, he is her bias:)

    kikki on
  • The jungshook one is the funniest XD

    Jenny on

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