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Styles You Desire: KPop Girl Groups Part One

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Each Idol has a different style and look, but one thing thats for certain is how they always manage to look incredibly fashionable! 

Let's look at the different pieces worn by idols and find out which look is your favorite! 

Comment below on your favourite look and we'll choose a winner to receive the item of their choice on April 1st, 2018!

1. Red Velvet's Joy

Besides her amazing vocals, Joy's hair and outfits always bring a smile to our face. In a recording of a song from the The Liar and His Lover, Joy was spotted wearing this "Gossip" Sweater that is just perfection! 

The pale yellow compliments every skin undertone, and sizing up will gives a cozy feeling to all wearers. 

The design of the shirt is so simplistic, with a retro image of two women. Its perfectly contemporary and when worn can easily give any outfit a great 'street style' flare. 

2. IU

IU is known to consistently come out with very cute and feminine looks, such as with this "Floweret" Sweater, which is absolutely irresistible!

The sweater is a perfect true blue and the cable net design is to die for! Along with the flower embroidery lining the centre, this sweater gives off a very soft and elegant look. 

3. F(x)'s Victoria

F(x) is known to always come out with new concepts and looks, and this "Gothic" Long Sleeved Shirt worn by Victoria is one of those edgy pieces that show a different side to girl group fashion. 

The words "VETEMENTS" and "SUMMER2016" are spelled out on each sleeve in Blackletter, which gives it an edgy look, which is contrasted in the bright orange of the top. Along with the pulled back and braided side of her hair, Victoria looked stunning!

4. IOI's Somi

Somi looks just so incredibly cute in this "Ceremony Tape" Hoodie that you can't look away! 

The top features a lovely royal blue ribbon design on the right sleeve that contrasts with the grey of the sweater perfectly. 

 Somi's look is timeless and simple, and irresistibly cute! 

5. Twice's Tzuyu

Twice's airport look with the bright pink "Welcome Home" top is a staple that could be worn with so many different pieces to make a variety of looks 

The colour is absolutely wonderful and the heart in 'home' is a delicate touch that makes the whole look some uniqueness! 


Overall, idols always seem to puzzle fans with their great fashion looks and keep up with trends (while also creating new ones!). Comment down below on what your favorite look is, and what you plan on wearing next! Also dont forget to tag us on Instagram at @my_KawaiiNation with all your new looks!

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  • I am in LOVE with Victoria and Somi’s glorious hoodie/jumper!!! They manage to take the adorableness to the next level.💝💝

    Nayli on
  • All their outfits are cute but I love F(x)‘s Victoria ’Gothic’ Long sleeved shirt it was very edgy and I like the pop of color, it was truly gorgeous, I love it

    Moyosore Fowler-Ekar on
  • I really love the „welcome home“ Tshirt from Twice’s Tzuyu! The little heart is so cute and I also like the colour of this Tshirt. It looks so adorable!

    soushii on
  • I’m in love with the simple design of IU ‘Floweret sweater’!

    Ekaterina on
  • “Gothic” Long Sleeved Shirt…I just love it!😍😋

    Ikram on

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