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Styles You Desire: Boy Group Edition Part One!

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Each Idol has a different style and look, but one thing thats for certain is how they always manage to look incredibly fashionable! 

Let's look at the different pieces worn by idols and find out which look is your favorite! 

Comment below on who you think wore it better and we'll choose a winner to receive the item from their fave look on June 7th!



1. BTS's Jin

As the eldest of the group, Jin's style is always timeless and classic, with sometimes an interesting twist. This can be seen in his "Where Is My Mind?" Denim Jacket, where a classic piece is updated to have a little more 'umph' with pastel colours and bold text on the back, as well as boxy text on the sleeves! 

2. Got7's Mark

Mark's "Donuts" Hoodie is probably thee most iconic fashion piece in Got7 history! It's so easily recognizable and is such an adorable pop of colour that you just can't help but love it!


Always calm, cool and collected, T.O.P steals everybody's heart with his style! His style can easily be channelled with this stylish "Scent" Bomber Jacket! T.O.P chose to match with his hair with a cool and icy white, but there is always the option for the black bomber jacket if you prefer a darker wardrobe!

4. Monsta X's Jooheon

Jooheon is just adorable all the time, so it's no surprise to see him sporting this hilarious "Eleven's Eggos" T-Shirt! This top can easily be styled with anything, and is a great statement piece! 

5. Seventeen's Jeonghan

Jeonghan, dubbed the Angel of the group, always sports light and airy looks, and this "Darkness & Light" Striped Shirt is no exception! Simple, elegant and light, this top can be styled in so many ways, its a staple piece! 

Overall, idols always have amazing pieces to share with their fans, so comment down below on what your favorite fashion piece is, and what you plan on wearing next! Also dont forget to tag us on Instagram at
 @my_KawaiiNation with all your new looks!

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  • While everyone did spectacular jobs, I think I admire Jin’s outfit in this selection the most. I really like the casual look he was going for with the slick black pants, backwards snapback, and denim jacket. I wouldn’t mind having the “Where Is My Mind” jacket myself.

    Jarvae Z. on
  • All of them are killing it 😫❤️ and i’d be so happy to get jin’s denim jacket because I’m so obsessed with it & it’s absolutely beautiful. Tbh id be happy with everything

    jae on
  • Jins denim Jacket has both. The classic vintage look is so outstanding, but it still has the modern look which we all desire

    Bianca Makovec on
  • Jins style. Where is my mind is my mind is an awesome song!

    Summer on
  • Jin’s style is the winner for me

    Danna Selim on

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