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Style Guide: The Looks that Rule the Streets

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Pretty sure you’ve seen countless fashion shows, adverts, and photoshoots highlighting the edgy and ultramodern street style. But any pro or budding fashionista should know that like the countless streets in the world, street style is ever-evolving to reflect one thing—the style YOU relate the most.

That’s right: street style, in fact, an umbrella term for several fashion styles the common people wear. The term first materialized after the second World War when people finally had the freedom to express who they are in clothing.

Street style is reflective of the time, experience, and perspective of its wearer which makes it one, if not the most, personal and highly creative of all aesthetics.

Be your own brand of style with any of these street style basics:

Hip to the Hop

One of the most recognizable street style variants is Hip Hop slash Streetwear. In fact, most people formed the idea that both styles are synonymous. In truth, there’s a lot more to tell.

Characterized by baggy bottoms, oversized tops, and athleisure pieces, Hip Hop/Streetwear is maybe the comfiest and most breathable. In it, people move around the most and maybe that’s why rappers, dancers, and performing artists prefer it.

In the Asian scene, Korean superstars BTS rode the wave of hip hop style like nobody’s business. They continue to dominate charts in outfits that are highly telling of who they are as artists—expressive and free.

Want to infuse a little hip hop onto your closets? Try matching the “Slacker” Joggers with the “Midnight Story” Crop Top. Dress the combo with the rainbow variant of this chunky “Dad” Sneakers and accessorize with the “Colin” Bucket Hat.

The Punkiest of All

Punk is the angsty, emotional, but fashionable child of street style.

Wearers of this aesthetic use their fashion pieces as a statement. Characterized by ripped clothing, bondage, and thought-provoking tees, punk fashion can also be highly political and out-of-the-norm.

In pop culture, music bands usually outfit themselves with punk items. High fashion brands like Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood also launched their own punk lines. In the KPop industry, groups with strong concepts or identities often rock the look. The girl group BLACKPINK, for instance, stuns the crowd with their girl crush concepts and edgy outfits.

Wake up the sleeping punk in you in pieces that are highly comfy and bad-ass. Pair the “Mishmash Jeans” with a “Freedom” Short Sleeve tee. Finish it off with the “Buckle Me” Sneakers and the “Stud” Denim Jacket for that extra edgy look.

Kawaii as a button

Contrary to popular belief, street style is not all dark and moody. You may not know it, but your typical cutesy fashion pieces or manga-printed clothes are considered street style, too!

Meaning “cute” or “adorable” in Japanese, kawaii fashion lives and breathes for outfits that are childlike and charming, anime or manga-inspired, pastels, and even over-the-top. In its native Japan, this fashion style is mostly sported by groups like AKB48 and has even become a lifestyle for some.

In neighboring Korea, the style is also common for girl bands, but the nine-member Twice seemingly leads the pack in terms of cohesive kawaii concepts and looks. Their outfits may not be as over-the-top and frilly, but it’s equally graphic and playful which is the core of every kawaii look.

Wondering what it’s like to turn heads with your cuteness? Try out this kawaii outfit! Match the blue “Laced” shorts with old-school gold “Dragon Ball Get You” T-shirt in white. Go ahead and be extra with this flowy “Kanji” Jacket and luminous “Rainbow” Laser Shoes.

There’s definitely no right or wrong pairing in street style. In it, you’re bound to feel that every cobblestone, pathway, and street is your personal runway. Trying mixing and matching more street style-inspired pieces to find the look that is 100% you.





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