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Style Guide: The Looks as Sweet as Candy

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Every fashion blog declares that basic black and white never go out of style. Thus, you’ve stored countless LBDs, white tees, and monochromatic pieces. While they are not wrong, don’t you think it gets slightly repetitive?

How about you breathe a little sweetness in your life by adding colors and dainty embellishments onto your everyday outfits? 

Pastels, bows, cute graphic tees—brighten up with playful and sweet pieces! Read on and we’ll show you how.

Color Pop

Did you know that the biggest Crayola box sports 152 colors? You don’t have to wear them all, don’t worry, we’re just saying there’s a lot more than the basic colors.

In pop culture, artists like Katy Perry and Lizzo love to wear showstopping colors in their music videos, stage performances, and even in everyday life. This vibrancy reflects both singers’ feel-good-discography and sunny dispositions.

In the Asian scene, the Korean girl group Red Velvet is known for their Red concepts that are bursting with colors and playful imagery. Red Velvet member Joy even went Twitter-famous and is now lovingly called “the KPop girl in the rainbow dress.” 

Be the next girl in the rainbow dress in this “Colorful Day” T-Shirt dress. Match it with these functional “Rainbow Hues” Dad Sneakers and tote the “Holo Unicorn” Side Bag for the perfect on-the-go look.

If you’d like to go a little low-key, try pairing this shimmering “Holographic” Skirt and “Rainbow Buttoned” Crop Top. Finish the darling look with the “My Heart” Sneakers and this cute “Rainbow Faux Fur” Bag.


Totally kawaii

Despicable Me’s Agnes is still a mood. “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” is the catchphrase for all things fuzzy and girlish like plush toys and big bows.

In pop culture, Taylor Swift’s “Me” music video, perfectly demonstrates what happens when you go crazy over cute things—unicorns, puffy gowns, and her adorable cats.

In the KPop industry, IU, with her tiny frame and bunny features, is the epitome of cute. She’s known for her love of all things oversized and she isn’t afraid to mix and match everything from vintage fashion to unique fabrics.

Look totally kawaii in this white “Rounded Collar” T-Shirt and pink “Laced Lolita” Skirt combo. Accessorize with the pink variant of “Pastel Suede” Cap and carry the “2D Cartoon” Canvas Backpack.

You may also take a leaf out of IU’s book and match the “Kawaii Bunny” Hoodie with the “Heart Embroidery” Denim jeans. To cap off the comfy look, sport the “Queen of Pink” sneakers.


Look it's harajuku

A lifestyle in its native Japan, harajuku is an aesthetic that combines several substyles like the Lolita (gothic and sweet), punk, cosplay, and cute fairy to name a few. Multi-colored wigs, huge accessories, and even toys are also part of harajuku. 

The resulting look may somewhat look like a costume but harajuku wearers remain unbothered and comfy. Each piece is unique as its reflective of the wearer’s personality. Though it may seem over the top and at times wild, its a celebration of one’s true self.

For their Japanese promotions, the Korean nation’s girl group, Girls Generation (SNSD) embodied harajuku-inspired pieces in their stage wardrobes. The subtler pieces showed us we can rock harajuku outfits with ease, too.

Try pairing the black “All My Love” Pleated Skirt and fuzzy “Winter Wonderland” Turtle Neck. Slip-on the “Juno” Platforms and put on the “Lolita” Beret to complete the look.

You can also pull off the straight-out-from-an-anime look. Channel Cardcaptor Sakura in this “Navy Girl” Dress in blue paired with the “Dolly” Platform Sneakers. Rock the “Angel Wings” Leather Backpack and the navy blue “Autumn Dream” Wool Beret and its transformation complete!

Excited to amp up the sweetness and cuteness? Try out rainbow-colored pieces, sport dainty outfits, show off some love, or go all out for pastels! You can even be fuzzy and warm if you wish—the possibilities are endless!








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