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Simple Essentials: Cute Everyday Pieces

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We all love to see twists on everyday items, whether it be adorable phone cases, cool hats or cute earrings. This compiles all the everyday items we can enjoy aesthetically as well as functionally!


Squishy cases have captured all our hearts, and this "Squishy Lounging Cat" case is one of the most adorable one's out there! The illustrated room is simple, cute and perfectly compliments the grey squishy sleepy cat!

This "Squishy Lazy Cat" phone case is an adorable baby blue with lots of 2D illustrations and one popping squishy cat!

If you're not really a cat person, this "Squishy Swimming Seal" phone case is for you! It's new and fresh, and the design is so summery!

If you like more subtle phone cases, this "squishy heart paw" case is perfect! The squishy paw matches the phone case's base colour with an adorable heart cutout. 

 While the simple squishy phone cases are cute, if you often put your phone in your back pocket, they can be quite bothersome. That's why there's these "Mickey and Minnie Hanging Figurine" phone cases. They are extremely simple and pop art like! Both Mickey and Minnie appear to be sleeping while hanging on the edge of your phone, I doubt there is anything cuter!

If you're a fan of the show "We Bare Bears", this case is perfect for you! You can choose between Grizzly, Panda or Ice Bear, or get all 3 to match with your friends! The colours are bright and the case is great for protecting your phone.

Headbands are a night care routine essential, especially when you rock shorter bangs. Thus, this "Cat Ear" Headband may be a favorite for all of us! There are 6 different colors to choose from that will definitely match your pyjamas!

We should all be more environmentally friendly and have our own reusable water bottles, and what'll make you want to drink more water than this "BTS Signature" water bottle! You can choose from white, blue or pink, all with the BTS logo and all of BTS's signature's surrounding it!

On a sunny day out, the "Bow Knot" cap really helps protecting your face from the sun while also upping your look! You can choose the black, pink, white or blue version to choose from, to match whatever look you're trying to go for. The colours are bright and the bow at the back umphs up your look when you're not in the mood to do your hair!

All, if not most, of us use our earphones everyday, and often get bored of the plain earphones often seen, so a change to a brighter option would change up your style while brightening up your day! First up are these fruity earphones that comes with its own case and 5 different options!

Next are these "Candy Macaron" Earphones that have an adorable matching case that will sweeten your day! Six different colours are available with complimentary bows that attach the two buds together!

If you like a simpler design there are these "Bear Shaped" earphones that come in pink, blue, white and black! The colours are sweet and can match any outfit you want to rock! Plus, the buds are extremely adorable!


Cute everyday pieces can brighten anybody's day up, so why not you? Tell us which was your favourite piece down below! Also don't forget to tag us at @my_KawaiiNation to be featured next week!

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