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K-Pop's Most Popular Streetwear Fashion

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Streetwear fashion is often where casual fashion can expand to allow more ideas and creativity, which is what makes it so great! This will be a rundown of the streetwear trends and classics that can help inspire you for your own style, so get ready!

Trending Pieces

This first piece has been trending all over the world, the "Chained" chest bag! After belt bags came into style, the chest bag rose for the occasion and is now sported by every fashionable k-fashion enthusiast.

You can see EXO's Xiumin, BTS's J-Hope, and GOT7's Yugyeom wearing a variety of different chest bag styles!


The next trending pieces are sock sneakers, that have just been blowing up! The more daring, such as the iconic G-Dragon loves to go out in these sneakers

However, if you prefer a little more umph to your own sock sneakers, there are also the "Saki" sneakers that are just as chic!

A popular design often found in the streets of Korea are checkers, just like what Lisa is wearing! However, for more versatility, you may prefer the "checkerboard" skirt. As a bottom, checkers can be styled with more pieces without being quite so busy. For more busy days, "Grid" pants may be more comfortable. 

If a full checkered item may be too much for your aesthetic, no worries! This "Check the edge" top has the perfect amount of checkers for a more simple outfit! When you're in a hurry, simply put this top on with a pair of jeans, any color, and you'll be good.


Bomber jackets will always be an essential in our wardrobes, as well as in all our favorite idol's wardrobes! The most popular jacket is this "Korean Dreams" bomber jacket, that G-Dragon often sports himself!

Another popular option is this "Scent" bomber jacket, worn by Big Bang's T.O.P and Luhan! The bright white makes it work with many different styles. 

However, if you're not into bright red's there are a variety to choose from! Such as this "X Marks The Spot" bomber jacket

Another classic are denim jackets, which every idol in existence has worn and loves. Jin's popular "Where Is My Mind" denim jacket has colour, rips and a great wash that would look good with almost everything! However, if you prefer minimal design, this "Modern Romantic" jacket is perfect for you!

Finally, the most popular accessory is probably these round "Circle" glasses that, just like the denim jacket, has been worn by lots of idols, proving to be a classic for every fashion lover. 

Streetwear trends are always changing, but while they quickly change, there are always the classics that will never go out of style so tell us which was your favourite piece down below! Also don't forget to tag us at @my_KawaiiNation to be featured next week!

Featured Looks


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