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Get The Look: BTS Jungkook Edition

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Jungkook’s outfits is always cool, casual and chic. His sense of style cannot be considered to be anything less than it is— perfection! Here is a quick and easy guide to get Jungkook’s look, whether you want just a little bit of Jungkook in your outfit through an accessory, or base it all on a matching top, the results will always turn out absolutely perfect! Now let's get started.


Holy Grail of the Day: "The Jungkook Classic"

When describing Jungkook’s most popular looks, a white t-shirt will always be on the top of the list. Light, cool, and simplistic, a white top never fails. Time and time again, Jungkook is seen wearing a variety of different white tops, thus making the white t-shirt the holy grail of the day!

 A great start would be the very top from the iconic "Save Me" music video! This would go perfectly with anything, and to spice it up a bit, a loose-fitting tank top underneath can add a faint pattern and some layering, which is exactly what Jungkook did in the video! 

Another more light-hearted option would be this hilarious Hawaiian Kookie shirt, which would amuse Jungkook himself!

Naturally, though, Jungkook cannot always wear a white top, and mixes it up a bit, such as with this Covered shirt, that instantly lifts a whole look up (while also being a lot more forgiving than a white shirt, so you can relax and eat that chicken!)



Presenting: The Hoodies of Your Dreams!

Don’t have the perfect black hoodie yet? Well, look no further, here it is, worn by Jungkook himself! A hoodie is another Jungkook classic, especially a black hoodie. This however, is no ordinary plain black hoodie, the Splice Hoodie features two ribbon-like stripes along the hood, as well as one on each sleeve that match the beautiful and soft drawstrings on the front!


Want to add a little more colour to your wardrobe instead? Then get Jungkook’s stage looks with the Stussy Mint Hoodie that will inevitably brighten your day and put a smile on your face!


Let's Color Block!

Bright colors are always fun, and when its color blocked? Even better! Channel your inner fashion-forward artist while matching with everybody’s favorite “Go Go” Jungkook look with this perfectly color blocked jumper! When worn, there is no way you can resist reenacting Jungkook’s parts!

Get Cozy and Comfortable With A Beanie!

Jungkook is known to be sport a few beanies every now and then, and this Line Friends Beanie is absolutely adorable! It’s simple, cozy, and compatible with any outfit, whether you want to dress it up or down! Simply pair it with a black top and jeans and you’ve got yourself a timeless look for anytime of the day, or with a white top that will instantly give off undeniable Jungkook vibes. Already have the Line Friends? There is always the XXX beanie, another Jungkook favourite!


BONUS: A Little Throwback Kookie!

Baby Kookie is always a lovely sight for any ARMY, and the Haters Sweater is a familiar look that will not be easily forgotten! Channel your inner Jungkook with your own matching sweater!


Overall, Jungkook’s style is timeless and definitely quite distinguishable, so have a little bit of fun! The combinations are endless, Don't forget to tag @my_KawaiiNation in all your 'Golden Maknae' inspired looks!


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