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Get The Look: EXO's Chanyeol!

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Chanyeol's fashion taste is almost always simple-casual street style, with oversized hoodies and masks being his most worn pieces. Although we may not be blessed with Chanyeol's cool rapping skills, we can always try to have a little Chanyeol coolness in our wardrobes, so keep reading to see how you can get Chanyeol's look!

Don't forget to comment and we'll choose a winner to receive the item from their fave look on May 15th, 2018!

Holy Grail of the Day: The Iconic Mask

Arguably Chanyeol's most iconic face mask, this "Lucky Bear" Mask would surely give anybody the Chanyeol charm without any effort! 

It's so cute we can BEARLY contain our fan girl screams.

Stayin' Woke

Chanyeol stays woke in his "Brain Washed Generation" Sweater! The bright yellow of the sweater is complimentary to every tone and is the text is in a great font!


Chanyeol never shies away from some risque clothing, and neither should you! With Chanyeol's "Sexual Fantasies" Hoodie, you can also be as daring as you can be! 

Bridges are Falling Down

This simple "Burning Bridges" Sweater with the intense red and black contrast is a great choice for any casual day but still want to look chic and cool! Just follow Chanyeol's lead and pair it with large glasses and plain black pants and you'll be ready for the day!

 Fly Away to EXO Planet

This "EXO Planet" Jersey is an iconic EXO look which you can easily get! There is one jersey for each EXO member, to get Chanyeol's look, simply choose the Jersey with his name on the back! The black and white is a classic Baseball Jersey colour combo, that can be worn buttoned up, or with different shirts underneath when unbuttoned! 


Pastel Blocks

This "Pastel Patches" top is what pastel dreams are made of, and Chanyeol wears it perfectly! Chanyeol sports the t-shirt with a blue base, but if you're more fond of pink, or want to mix it up a bit, there is always the pink version!

 Pentagrams and Other Shapes

This "Pentagram" Hoodie features a design from every angle. With a pentagram on the back, fiery text on the left sleeve as well as the front, blocked text on the hood, and contrasting red text on the right sleeve, there is always something new! 


Chanyeol's looks are always comfortable and chic, so don't be afraid to test them out! As always, dont forget to tag @my_KawaiiNation in all your inspired looks to get featured!

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  • I really love the colors for the sexual fantasies hoodie! My friend and I love Chanyeol and it would be awesome to have the same sweatshirt as him, sadly I have no money T_T Plus he looks so soft in the sweatshirt despite it saying sexual fantasies.

    amazing_mumbles on
  • Gosh, that Fly Away to Exo Planet is everything! ❤️ I love it so much. He looks so good in it and it looks so cool and comfortable.

    Trejo on
  • The “Brainwashed Generation” sweater is so cool. I love the colour of it! I mean, Chanyeol looks good in everything so I’m not surprised I like it so much.

    Iqra Arshad on
  • Okay, the “Brainwashed Generation” sweater was by far the coolest thing ever. Honestly, like for one: I FREAKING LOVE THAT COLOR YELLOW. Two: The rips and everything are really edgy and I love it. Lol. Three: The saying on it is MY RELIGION. Anyways, my favorite, yes that. Gotta love it.

    Kinley <3 on
  • I like the Sexual Fantasies hoodie, the Burning Bridge sweater and the Pentagram hoodie 😭😭

    Ernest on

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