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Get The Look: BTS Jimin Edition

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Jimin's looks are always comfortable, cute and simple! So in honour of one of our favorite vocalists in K-pop, this article will be all about achieving the Jimin look that we all know and love!

Which one is your favorite look? Let us know in the blog comments!

Holy Grail of the Day: Circle Glasses!

Whenever Jimin is seen donning a pair of circle glasses, fans fall in love all over again! It compliments him brilliantly and adds more to every outfit! These "Circle" Glasses are perfect for getting Jimin's circle glasses look- with 4 different colours to choose from! 

Jimin's love for circle lenses can be traced back to "Dope" Era, when he started wearing it often for performances and of course, the iconic music video!

However, even when going back to his classic black hair, Jimin kept the glasses look going!

Hat and Shade

Hats seem to be a favorite accessory for Jimin, wearing them often to the airport or on any casual day out! The first one is this super on trend mustard "Corduroy" Cap that Jimin and any of his fans can rock! Pair it with thick glasses and silver earrings and you'll get the Poet Jimin vibe going on!


If you prefer baseball hats, then the "I Think About You Sometimes" hat is a great option! It's simple, monochromatic and timeless! The white makes it easy to wear and style with a variety of different looks! Like Jimin, you can also easily pair it with square sunglasses and a simple black tee and you've got a look!


Warmed Up

First off are Jimin's iconic 'M' cardigan and sweater! First, the lovely cream coloured "M DNA" Sweater that stole everybody's hearts! It looked absolutely adorable on Jimin!

On lazier days, or even colder days, we all would prefer something comfy and warm, thus this "Dont Waste Your Talent" Hoodie is perfect for those days! You can go for Jimin's simple look with dangle earrings, a black undershirt and any pair of pants that suit your fancy that day! 

If you want to keep it simple stick to a simple pair of black or blue denims, but when you want to change things up then a pair of bright pair of pants are the perfect solution!

Another hoodie option is this edgy "Subculture" hoodie! The black, white and red combo is a classic that everybody tends to love! The graphics on the hoodie are fantastic and pop, with a great rock vibe going on!

You can stick to the all black look, like Jimin, with an addition of an extra-long undershirt, that adds a cool and relaxed vibe to your overall look, black jeans and black boots. 

Sometimes you would rather wear your favourite shirt but still need a way to keep warm, and thats when the "Controller" Velvet Jacket would be perfect! The hoodie keeps your ears warm while the illustrative drawings on the jacket add a cool element to your look that is sure to turn heads!

If you want a simple, lighter coloured piece for your wardrobe, this last "warmed up" piece is for you! The "GG Skeleton" sweater features the classic red and navy blue stripes by the arm bands and bottom of the sweater. However, the most adorable feature is the skull on the front with a distinct style!

Stripey Chim Chim

Jimin seems to love his striped tops, from his iconic "Riot" turtleneck to in his music video looks to even several airport looks! Arguably the most iconic Jimin top is this "Riot" turtleneck, that was featured in a selca he posted!

The black and red color combo is bold, but seems to be a favorite of Jimin's as he's been spotted wearing this colour combo often!

However, if you're more into white striped tops, there are those options in Jimin's wardrobe! First is this "Oversized" striped shirt that Jimin wore in the famous "Spring Day" MV!

As well as the "Darkness & Light" Striped Shirt that many idols love in the K-Pop world! If you want to style it the way Jimin has, get a simple white graphic tee to wear underneath and leave the shirt unbuttoned!

Jimin's a style icon for many of us in the world, so don't be afraid to be inspired for your own outfits! Don't forget to tag us at @my_KawaiiNation to be featured next week!

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