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Get The Look: BTS IDOL!

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The drop of the 'Idol' music video had us all shook, and we're still in the process of recovering (if that's even possible!). So while we recover, why not try to emulate a few of their coolest looks? All the members' looks were bright, colourful and playful in the mv, which is very different from all the other looks they've gone with during previous era's (we're not complaining though, now we got more reason to restock our wardrobes!). Here's a list of all the hottest pieces from the BTS 'Idol' music video!

Which one is your favourite piece? Let us know in the comments below!

Button It Up

This first piece is this "Love Flow" Long Sleeve, which has been worn by V in two different occasions, and in two different colours, so its a definite favourite of his! 

Taehyung is such a fun loving sweetheart, so it's no surprise to us that he would love this heart stamped top! 

For a simpler look, V simply paired the top with a nice pair of denim jeans and a brown belt. However, when he wanted to spice things up, he wore basic beige trousers but accessorized with adorable red suspenders and the coolest tie! So, follow V's lead and don't be afraid to accessorize!

Sweater Weather

It's officially fall, and why not stock some adorable sweaters to commemorate this moment? First up, is this "Bugs Bunny" sweater that our hope and angel Hoseok wore! We instantly fell in love the moment we saw it this sweater. It's a timeless piece, and will surely give everybody a smile with its vibrant sunshine colour!

With the bright colours peaking out the collar, this look just couldn't get any better! We just keep loving this sweater more and more!

Next is the "Snow White" sequin sweater, worn by Suga! Even when having more neutral colours, this sweater still looks really cute!

This sweater is so versatile, and can be styled in so many different ways! You can add colour by wearing matching mint green pants, like Yoongi, or even a simple pair of black pants if you prefer darker looks! 

You can follow Yoongi's look further more by wearing a bright collar top underneath and pop the collar out to spice things up!

Bless Your Ears

Besides blessing all our ears with their album, we can also follow BTS with their great earring choices! No surprise to us all, Jimin is first! Jimin's earrings have been something that ARMYs all over the world love just as much as he does! His choices are always edgy and stylish, and the "triple threat" earrings are no exception!

The earrings add a lot of edge to his bright look, which is a good idea to do in our own fashion looks! Accessorize to either soften a look or make it edgier!

Next, are J-Hope's simpler "Industry" earrings! They're a thin rectangular design that are great for more minimalistic looks, or when you want to accessorize but don't want to feel over the top!

Stay Grounded

Shoe's always make or break an outfit, so it's vital to always have a good and comfortable pair that you absolutely love, and the "CDG PLAY x Converse" pair may be the one's for you! First off, are the white high tops that Jin rocks in the 'Idol' MV! 

The simple design allows it to be versatile and something you can wear with any casual outfit or any street fashion look!

All of BTS's looks were iconic, and will surely affect many trends in the K-fashion world, so keep yourself updated and get ready for more amazing pieces! Don't forget to tag us @my_KawaiiNation to be featured next week!

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  • their earrings always look so good with their outifts uGh their minddsss

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  • So! I really loved the IDOL video. My friends did not like it as much as their past ones, but I feel that IDOL was done so so so well. The clothes and the colors, literally everything was beautiful!

    Abigail on

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