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Get The Look: BLINK Edition!

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There is no doubt that BlackPink is an iconic group, sky rocketing in popularity quickly after debuting. Time after time, BlackPink drops amazing hits that never fail to get stuck in everybody's head! This time around, they released their second full album "SQUARE UP", and the world is definitely not disappointed!

What can be noted first is the amazing geometric aesthetic that's been consistently used throughout the whole promotion period and album cover! Not only did they have one album cover, but two! Both having a very striking colour contrast, but share the design concept. 

Comment below to let us know who's your favorite member and why!

Their colourful and dynamic music video, besides totally blowing every single person away, broke many records! Their music video for "DDU-DU DDU-DU" charted number one on all Korean realtime charts, and was also the fastest girl group music video to reach 70 million views! 

While we all quickly turn into devoted Blinks, so here is a preview of a few new designs that have just been dropped!


Poster Galore

What all kpop fans have in common is the shared love of photo cards, and what could be better for any BlackPink fan than the "BlackPink" Set? I full set with 121 pieces of photo cards, posters and postcards! It's perfection! You can split the set up between friends, package it as a gift or just use them to decorate your room! If you would prefer a smaller set, there is "The Same Exquisite" Cards, which contains 10 pieces of bright and colourful photo cards! If it's getting kinda hot where you are, then a BlackPink fan may be just the perfect thing to cool things down!

You can't mask it!

If you want to show your love for BlackPink in more obvious ways, there is this adorable "BlackPink" mask (which has a matching hat!) . However if you want more of a authentic look, follow Lisa's lead and opt for a more simple black mask that matches your simple black top!

A simpler option would be this adorable BlackPink keychain/phone strap! You can choose between green and pink, and the name of the member you admire most! 

And to Top it all off...

Tops are a staple in most people's closets- its simple, convenient and practical, so there's always a good reason to have a solid variety to choose from!

Starting off with more of a fan-based selection, there is the classic "BlackPink" T-Shirt! You can choose from black or white (or if you're really into it, both!)

While the first option featured the group's logo, this second top has more of an aesthetic vibe! The "BlackPink" Leaves T-Shirt features a square design with rainforest leaves that give off a tropical vibe!

If you prefer to emulate the BlackPink look, there are some options for you too! First, is this basic "Easy Love" T-Shirt with a golden message! Jennie chose the black version of the top, but you're also given the option of a white base, to mix things up!

Next is an interesting concept top, the "Existential Emergencies" T-Shirt! You can choose between grey, white and black, but Lisa opted for the white that perfectly contrasts the red lettering!

Another stylish option is this "MJ" t-shirt that Jennie seems to love! The simplicity of the design keeps it easy to work with and style into very different looks depending on the accessories and hairstyle!


Last but not least is the "BLACKPINK In My Heart" T-Shirt, which has the most adorable heart with the face of a BlackPink member on the left! You can chose from all 4 different members, or collect all 4!

Whether it be by breaking records or dazzling us with their fashion looks, BlackPink have become an iconic group that we all can't help but love! New items are being introduced everyday so keep a look out for something you may just fall in love with! Also make sure to tag us in all your looks at  @my_KawaiiNation to be featured! 

Featured Looks


count how many times i wear this jacket in pictures

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I know it's hard to see but the sweater says "Never get covered by another darkness; illuminate your own light." I absolutely love the meaning because you can't have light without darkness...they co-exist for a reason. Not only that, whenever you feel trapped in darkness, keep holding on and shine your own light...and shine bright as you light your way through the darkness. Such a powerful message that does impact your mind. 😌 Anyway, haven't done a photoshoot in months so I'm back (this shoot was from yesterday) and this is one of the best and favorite shoots I've ever done so far! As you can see, this outfit is inspired by BTS Jimin and I got the sweater from @my_kawaiination, abosulety love it! 💜 Thank you to @misslanashellrey for taking these lovely photos! I'm so happy we've fixed our friendship and hope we can continue to grow stronger together! Love you and thank you so much for everything! ✨ #lightanddarkness #motivational #ootd #btsinspiredoutfit #kpopinspiredoutfit #inspiredoutfit #btsjimin #photoshoot #adventure #justbeingme #kpopfashion #kpop #kpoptrash #cringyiknow

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  • My bias is Jennie. She is so fierce and savage. And her rapping is soo good ❤️

    Elizabeth Dzambazova on
  • Rosé is my ultimate bias! The main reason that I started stanning her was because of her amazingly beautiful and unique voice! I love her in every one of their songs performances, and especially the songs she performed on King of Masked Singer! Second, as I got to know BLACKPINK and its members, I found out that she has one of the most kindest and caring personalities that I’ve seen. She’s so kind to Blinks and the other members and that’s why I love her. She’s so sweet! Third, she’s talented beyond singing! She can play the guitar, dance, and draw incredibly well!! Also, her dancing especially is so good, like wow!!! I can never take my eyes off of her! The first time I saw her in the As If It’s Your Last Dance Practice, she blew me away! Lastly, she’s so pretty!!! She’s the ultimate beauty goals for me! These reasons are why I love her so much and why she is my ultimate bias and as well part of the reason why BLACKPINK is my ultimate group (besides all the girls being amazing and always breaking records and creating bops!).

    Nicole H on
  • Rosé is my bias because she’s so talented, her voice is so soothing and relaxing as well. Her dancing skills are amazing especially in the Whistle dance practice. Her personality is the cutest as well and she just seems like she is so amazing and kind.

    Hina on
  • Lisa. She’s a funny and beautiful member of BP. I love her singing, rapping, and dancing. She’s an amazing kind person.

    Brittany Banko on
  • Lisa is my bias. I find her the goofy member of BlackPink. She’s funny and beautiful. Has such an amazing singing voice as well. It’s not just her dancing and rapping I love.

    Brittany Banko on

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