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Dopplegangers: The Riot Turtleneck

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There's no doubt that this top is a favorite for many, many idols and their fans, so let's take a look at how different idols styled these tops and how you can too! 

Comment below to let us know who you think wore it best and why. We'll choose a lucky winner to receive a "Riot" Turtleneck by June 15th!  

BIGBANG's G-Dragon

G-Dragon is a real fashion fanatic, and it shows in all his outfits! When wearing this "Riot" Turtleneck, group leader G-Dragon wore medium-sized hoop earrings with smoky copper eyeshadow! Not in the mood to put on any makeup? No problem! Another option are thick black sunglasses, any shape works, but these Christian Roth style sunglasses are what G-Dragon chose!

BTS's Jimin

Jimin decided to keep it simple, with small hoop earrings and a very light touch of smoked out eyeliner! 


BTS's Suga

Suga decided to dress this turtleneck up a bit by layering on a beautiful red and blue bomber jacket and accessorizing with a silver chain necklace! This combination would be perfect for anybody who likes to go out during chillier nights, but stay chic! This "Korean Dream" bomber jacket would work well with the "riot" top for this combo!

GOT7's Yugyeom

This outfit idea by Yugyeom is simply genius! If it's not cold enough for a bomber jacket, but in the mood to layer, then this combination is definitely for you! Simple wear a black top with minimal designs on top of the turtleneck to create a whole new look!

GOT7's BamBam

If none of these previous styles are really for you, have no worries! BamBam decided to let this turtleneck have all the limelight, wearing with it simple black jeans and black shoes! The focus was alllll on this iconic turtleneck. 


This turtleneck is a staple k-pop wardrobe piece, so tag us in all your looks at  @my_KawaiiNation to be featured!

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I wear this shirt way too much but I love ittttt ♥️😂🍎🍓🧣

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👑Royal & Loyal 👑

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  • I love the way Jimin wore it just because it was so simple and looked good without trying too hard

    Miguel Leandro Marcelo Silan on
  • Honestly Park Jimin definitely wore it the best. I like the way the other idols wore it as well but the way Jimin has it styled with the small hoops , dark jeans, and his faded out smokey eyeliner look…he definitely stands out the most. The subtle makeup really makes his natural facial structure stand out, Jimin’s look shows that you don’t need alot of makeup or jewelry to look flawless.

    Britt on
  • Jimin from Bts wore this look the best, because while this shirt is a simple and edgy design, he displays it as soft, yet with a sense danger to it making the style look unique.

    Trynity Tucker on
  • i think jimin wore it best because he’s normally super cute and the shirt makes him look very edgy and is overall a good look on him.

    phung on
  • I think Jimin wore it the best because he knows how to make an edgy shirt look soft and elegant with a simple look.

    Lynette H on

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