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Dopplegangers: The "Gothic" Top

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There's no doubt that this "Gothic" Top sweater is popular in the Kpop world, so read on to see how differently it was styled! 

Comment below to let us know who you think wore it best and why!

F(x)'s Victoria

Victoria styles this statement piece with simple black trousers, and an edgy hair style! Complimenting the black lettering on the sweater, Victoria accessorizes with a simple black choker, but holds back on putting anything by her ears. Braiding her hair at the side of her head giving her a faux shaved side cut without any of the commitment!

iKON's Bobby

Unlike Victoria, Bobby's look strays away from simplicity. He accessorizes with a silver chain round his neck and earrings. What really is quite interesting in Bobby's outfit are his great statement socks! The black and white checkers compliment the orange of the sweater perfectly, and so was a perfect choice! Perfect this look with dishevelled hair and interesting shoes and you're set!

GOT7's Mark

Mark's look, similar to Victoria's, is perfect for any casual day as its quite simple. A black mask match the black lettering found on the sleeves, while the white baseball hat adds brightness to the whole look. What Mark does differently, however, is wearing a white undershirt that sticks out underneath the sweater to add a bit of layering!

BIG BANG's Taeyang

When in doubt, however, you can just go the Taeyang route and wear this sweater without any accessories at all! The sweater is a statement piece all on its own! 



There are a variety of colours that can be picked from and has been spotted on different Idols, but this particular shade has been a favorite many! Make sure to tag us in all your looks at  @my_KawaiiNation to be featured! 


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  • Victoria she made it look real classy!

    Patrina on
  • Victoria looked totally stunning in the outfit !!

    Insul AR MY on
  • I think Bobby pulled it off. he matched it with is checkered socks and hairstyle and made it look simple yet fashionable

    Leah on
  • I think Bobby wore it the best. He managed to pull it off with his checkered socks. It was casual yet fashionable

    Leah on
  • They all look good but my fav is Bobby ^

    Maru on

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